Environmental Policy

Toroidion Ltd complies with environmental legislation concerning our operations. We value sustainability, efficiency and quality. We understand that the success of our business depends upon the positive impact we have on the environment and consumers. We are committed to our values to the extent that our products, as well as operations, reflect those values. We assess the past, present, and future environmental impact of our operations and products. Once identified, we next develop a policy to reduce any harmful environmental risk or impact of our operations.

We create products that are sustainable and safe which help to eliminate waste, pollution, and emissions for the environment and consumers. We train and expect our personnel to be responsible and cognizant of environmental issues. We actively seek to broaden our perspective of developing environmental issues and implications to adapt our operations.  We educate customers through the sale and use of our products to be more sensitive to environmental issues. We strive to be an example of sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. We, therefore, expect other businesses and companies to do the same with the belief that there is more opportunity in sustainability.