The Toroidion powertrain has a wide high-efficiency operating envelope. The high energy efficiency directly increases the range of the electric car, which is the main challenge with electric vehicles.  

Toroidion’s highly efficient powertrain means that a smaller battery pack is needed to reach the same range as conventional electric vehicles. There are countless benefits of having a smaller battery pack such as smaller size, less weight, faster charging and a higher power to weight ratio of the vehicle.


The Toroidion electric powertrain is suitable for most motor vehicle manufacturers, it is suitable for cars, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, as well as aviation, marine and industrial applications.

The unique feature of the powertrain is a rapidly changeable battery that can be recharged from a normal household power socket; it does not necessarily require any special charging stations. Rapid battery swap has a benefit of allowing batteries to recharge slower. Fast charging wears out the battery faster. 


Our currently available motors are permanent magnet motors and direct drive. This means these motors do not have reduction gears, but have special high durability driveshafts with constant-velocity joints or tripod joints.

  • 30kg motor 100kW/510Nm mechanical power 
  • 50kg motor 200kW/1020Nm mechanical power 
  • 70kg motor 300kW/1530Nm mechanical power
  • Operates at a Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) 
  • Operates at maximum 210A phase current  
  • Motor speed 2450 RPM natural and maximum 4000 RPM modulated
  • Air/water cooled motors and power electronics
  • Toroidion's electric powertrain meets ISO 6469-3-2011 and ISO 26262 electrical safety standards


Our power electronics are unique and developed specially for the Toroidion powertrain system which operates between 40V DC to 90V DC.

Our unique motor and power electronics offer flexible scalability for various customer needs. Tailoring the power electronics for various applications is easy due to the modularity of system components.


Battery packs are designed case-by-case to meet customer needs. Our inā€house developed low-voltage (48V) battery pack offers high performance and electrical safety. Rapid battery swap is an integral part of the lightweight and robust Toroidion electric powertrain, which is scalable in power for various types of vehicles and industrial applications.

The battery can be charged from a normal household 240V AC power socket, and it does not necessarily require any special charging stations.