A high level of reliability is a key parameter in engineering for the aviation industry. Toroidion's solution is to improve reliability, adding redundancy by dividing the critical components of the system without adding extra weight. This means that if there is a single failure anywhere in the powertrain, the system will detect the failure, shutdown its power delivery and inform the pilot of a malfunction in the system. For example in the case of a single failure in battery module #1 or controller #1 or motor #1, the remaining powertrain system #4‐5 remains operative to produce motor power of 80% out of 100% to ensure a safe flight and emergency landing.

Redundancy improving reliability



  • Operates at a Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV)
  • Operates at maximum 210A phase current
  • Motor speed 2450 RPM natural and maximum 4000 RPM modulated
  • Air/water cooled motors and power electronics
  • Toroidion electric powertrain meets ISO 6469-3-2011 and ISO 26262 electrical safety standards

advantages for aviation applications

  • LOW NOISE LEVEL FROM MOTOR AND PROPELLER: There is almost no noise from the electric motor (direct drive, no gearbox)
  • The Toroidion electric motor produces high torque without a gearbox, it is especially suitable for a high torque propeller with lower RPM and lower tip speed resulting in low propeller noise.
  • The Toroidion motor can be optimized to any RPM/torque which helps to find optimal propeller.
  • LONG TIME BETWEEN OVERHAUL (TBO) CYCLE: The only wearing parts in a Toroidion motor are the bearings.
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: The Toroidion Electric Drivetrain is capable of handling high +/‐ G‐forces
  • QUICK: No need to warm up motor oil for use
  • REDUCED COST: Very low daily operating costs consisting only of the electricity for recharging the battery
  • STABLE CENTRE OF GRAVITY: The plane's centre of gravity does not change during the flight compared to an internal combustion engine version
  • ICING: No risk of carburator icing
  • ALTITUDE: Electric motor output power is the same even at high altitudes
  • THROTTLE: Throttle response is always reliable and immediate, no hesitation
  • VIBRATION: No vibration caused by the electric motor or gearbox meaning significantly reduced mechanical stress levels to the plane's fuselage structures