There's a growing demand for electric outboard and inboard motors for various types of boats; not only for fishing, but also other types of recreational and commercial boats. Wet and salty environments raise challenges for electric powertrains because of their electrical conductivity, so available solutions have been lacking power.

We are able to provide silent yet powerful motors whether you are heading for troll fishing or a weekend on the lake. Our operating voltages are low, the same as with land vehicles, but the motors are still powerful and silent.

advantages  for marine applications

  • SAFE: Wet conditions and salt water conduct electricity, low voltage poses no risk of lethal electric shock
  • REDUCED COST: Low operating costs
  • Smooth, stepless accelerator is very well suited to troll fishing, with no exhaust gases floating around the boat in still winds
  • QUIET: Less vibration and hull noise from electric motors
  • No oil, gasoline or diesel leaks into the water, no unpleasant fuel odours.
  • Quiet underwater Pod Drive
  • Surface Propeller, when in the air, there's no possibility for over RPM and breakdown
  • More freedom for advanced hull designs, monohulls to multihulls
  • Possibility to use as a fully electric solution, or supported by a hybrid onboard recharging system
  • Toroidion high torque electric direct drive under water is a pod type motor inside a propeller hub 20‐100kW
  • Toroidion electric high RPM direct drive for surface propellers inside the hull starting from 200kW up
  • Toroidion motor can be optimized to the desired RPM/torque which helps to find optimal propeller
  • SERVICE: Freedom from service, the only wearing parts in a Toroidion motor are the bearings
  • QUICK: No need for any warm‐up or idling, full power is available immediately
  • The Toroidion electric marine drive system also works with an additional range extender as a hybrid system. Recharging batteries on a sail boat under sail is environmentally friendly and energy efficient using system power backwards from propeller to battery.